​​​​​​​U    R    B    A    N      I   N    T    E    L    L    I    G    E    N    C    E

Charleston, SC


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   “ The Gibbs plan has been the bible for Charleston's latest planning redevelopment efforts along King Street and in our Historic District "                            -Mayor Joseph Riley, Charleston


GPG is considered one of the foremost urban planning and real estate advisory consultancies in America. For more than three decades, GPG's expertise in commercial development and sustainable town planning has been sought by some of the most respected mayors, highly regarded architects, and successful real-estate developers in the country.

A recognized leader in the real estate industry, GPG has pioneered development of the sustainable and community-oriented principles of Traditional Town Planning and Commercial Districts. Responsible planning, however, is more than assembling coherent urban villages or walkable neighborhoods.  GPG believes that sustainable development and vibrant community life are only possible with a vital commercial life, and that new and old towns alike need intelligent strategies for their survival.

Since its inception, GPG has been active in developing innovative yet practical methods for applying modern trends in commercial development to more than 500 town centers and historic districts across the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim.