​​​​​​​U    R    B    A    N      I   N    T    E    L    L    I    G    E    N    C    E

Birmingham, MI 

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Westland, MI

" Gibbs is said to have “an urban planning sensibility unlike anything possessed by the urban planners who usually design downtown 
renewal efforts.”
- The Atlantic 
      GPG Offers the Following Consulting Services: 
  • Master Land Planning
    • City Centers
    • Mixed Use Town Centers
    • New Urban Communities
    • Regional Planning
  • Market Research
    • Historic City Centers
    • Hotels & Hospitality
    • Office - Employment Centers
    • Residential
    • Retail
    • Shopping Center Retrofits
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Tenant Mix & Merchandising Plans
  • Lectures & Retailing Workshops
  • Third Party Peer Reviews
  • Downtown  Shopability Analyses
  • Guided Tours 


GPG seeks to promote the revitalization of historic cities and the building of mixed use traditional commercial centers that provide for the needs and desires of the community, while earning a market rate of return for the private sector.

In its core services of commercial real estate consulting and urban planning, GPG has developed a proven methodology for the successful implementation of its recommendations and plans.

The firm advocates a multi-disciplinary investigation of market and design conditions, and believes such an inclusive approach is necessary to establishing a comprehensive framework for guiding community vision and economic growth.